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Wandboard Webserver Burndown and Aftermath

As many have experienced. The Wandboard downloads have been down last month and we can let you all know. They are back up.

What did happen?

The Wandboard team started back in May with our “scavenger hunt” Where we go out to find true gems for the wandboard. We mostly find nice software packages/distributions that we pack up and make available for download to make it easier for everyone to try out things and avoid frustration because of changing (dead) links.

This exactly caused the problem. Many Wandboard users spent their summer holiday BBQ-en our servers by downloading images.

What did we do to resolve this?

After our well deserved holidays we came back to find our server down on its’ needs begging for help. We currently have setup 3 download servers that serve the images to the Wandboard community. We are confident all of you see much faster response times and better download speeds.

We will keep a wait and see approach for a few more weeks before restarting the Scavenger Hunts and treat you all with nice new downloads.