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Wandboard Scavenger Hunt – FreeBSD

Every Wednesday we have a new Wandboard Scavenger Hunt and the discoveries keep coming.

This week we take a closer look at FreeBSD and here are the bits to get you started:

FreeBSD is separate OS from Linux, and known for its security and for its very permissive license (much freer than GNU GPL).

The drawback with FreeBSD is that there is only a limited support for drivers. For Wandboard, the main items like USB, console, ethernet are working.

The SD card image is created from the following location : http://files.khubla.com/freebsd-wandboard/

Wandboard Team wrapped this up and it can be downloaded from : http://wandboard.local/images/downloads/FreeBSD-armv6-11.0-IMX6-r270855-20140830.img.xz

and is unfortunately only for Wandboard Quad.

Login with root, no password.

The wiki page is very straight forward this week : http://wiki.wandboard.org/Making_a_FreeBSD_SD_card_for_the_Wandboard

Hope you all have fun :=)

Go on the Scavenger Hunt with us and report uncovered treasures in the Wandboard community forums and we will cover them shortly.