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Wandboard Scavenger Hunt – Fedora 22

It’s Wednesday and that means it’s “Wandboard Scavenger Wednesday”.

This week’s “Scavenger Hunt Discovery” is about Fedora 22 and as many of you might know the Wandboard is one of the few boards officially supported by the Fedora Community.

Here are the bits to get you started:

The Fedora 22 demo image that runs on any Wandboard : http://wandboard.local/images/downloads/fedora-22-kde-wandboard-20150513.zip

The procedure how we created this SD card is documented in the WIKI : http://wiki.wandboard.org/Making_a_Fedora_22_SD_card_for_Wandboard

login as : root / wandboard22

Hope you all have fun :=)

Go on the Scavenger Hunt with us and report uncovered treasures in the Wandboard community forums and we will cover them shortly.