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Wandboard REV. C1

Upon many requests in the forums. We are happy to announce that we start shipping Wandboard REV C1.

On the Wandboard System-on-Module:
Upgraded WiFi and Bluetooth module (BCM4329 to BCM4330). This brings Bluetooth 4.0 to the Wandboard
HDMI CEC pin routed
CAN Bus signals routed to the EDM connector
Add resistor R149 to autodetect REV C1.

Schematics WB-EDM-IMX6 REV. C1 (the Wandboard System-on-Module).

On the Wandboard Connector I/O board:
Ground isolated/updated on SGTL500 chipset
TTL brightness control pin routed to expansion header
Serial Port RTS/CTS signals routed to connector
Connector for 5V/GND to connect to HDD (SATA Power)

Schematics WAND REV. C1 (the Wandboard connector I/O board)

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