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Wandboard Reload (and better)

The Wandboard has been around for the 4.5 years (or 32 dog-years). All this time we have been truth to our commitments and launched continuous updates and bring new operation systems to human’s best friend.

It all started with Android Ice Cream Sandwich (never public release and only used by the Wandboard Team). Jellybean added it’s full colors to Wandboard. Kitkat chocolate melted our hearts. Lollipop sucked some extra juice out of our beloved i.MX6 SoC and Marshmallow showed the Wandboard was flexible to last 5 Android generations. What’s next? NO-NA-NA-NA. Today is not yet the time to talk about this subject.

So what we want to tell you all today?

And we know. We have to stop the rumors “is the wandboard going EOL?” , “Guys, make more Wandboards, I use tons in projects” , we even got loveletters (sorry, we can’t post them. They are 18+ material).

Starting from today you will be finding a new revision of the Wandboard with all distributors and to sum up what we have improved.

1. Updated WiFi to 802.11ac + Bluetooth 4.1BLE (BCM4339).
2. Added a Power Management IC
3. Fixed HDMI EDID + CEC
4. NXP i.MX6 QuadPLUS. This new variant has a much improved GPU (GC2000+).
5. Reduced pricing. (our manufacturing partner TechNexion now helps us to ship directly to end-customers.

Visit them : http://shop.technexion.com/catalogsearch/result/?dir=asc&order=price&q=wandboard&sa_core_architecture=812

But there is more…

There is now an official Wandboard camera. The “CAM-OV5645” which is based on the Omnivision OV5645 (this camera has been added in Linux 4.1.15)