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Wandboard Production Crunchtime

With the first couple thousand Wandboard PCB’s incoming in the next week (INDEED A HAPPY NEW YEAR AND A VERY GOOD START OF 2013). We have been pulling the hairs out of our heads to see how and what we have to prepare to fully test the units.

From the very start everyone agreed that we have to perform a complete 100% function test on the products to ensure that the boards that go to people are fully working.

The problem we saw was with the expansion pinheader and the many signals that come out of these 80 pins. The only logic solution we came up with is to quickly design a quick “test PCB” that brings the display signals to a LVDS and TTL display, puts LED’s on the GPIO’s and have an EEPROM connected to every SPI or I2C.

The testboard came just before X-Mas and today we confirmed that this is exactly doing the job.