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Wandboard Modules 10Pack Now Available

Many people asked us. “Can I buy the Wandboard Modules without the carrierboard to use on my own EDM carrierboard”.

We can answer now. “Yes. We have 10 packs”.

All distributors carry them.

Some list unit pricing. Others list 10 pack pricing. Check the details.

WB-EDM-IMX6S-10PACK : 10 Wandboard Solo Modules (i.MX6 Solo with 512MB RAM)
WB-EDM-IMX6DL-10PACK : 10 Wandboard Dual Modules (i.MX6 Duallite with 1GB RAM + WiFi/BT)
WB-EDM-IMX6Q-10PACK : 10 Wandboard Quad Modules (i.MX6 Quad with 2GB RAM + WiFi/BT)

If you need EDM connectors for prototype purposes. Ask them. The distributors carry them too “EDMCONNECTORKIT”.