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Wandboard GPIO hands on

In this tutorial we show you how to connect a LED to the Wandboard GPIO and how you can easily control it.

For this you will need to connect a LED by cable to connector JP4.

Connect one wire to JP4 pin 4
Connect the GND return pin from the LED to JP4 pin 19

After this is done go to the Wandboard download center, Download the Ubuntu demo image and create a bootable SD card

On your Wandboard open the built in terminal

To turn the LED on type :

# cd /sys/class/gpio/gpio75
# sudo Su
# echo out > direction
# echo 1 > value

To turn the LED off type :

# echo 0 > value

To let the LED flash with 1 second intervals type :

# while [ 1 ]; do echo 1 > value; sleep 1; echo 0 > value ; sleep 1;done

And there you go. your “do-it-yourself” Christmas lighting system.