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How the Wandboard Enclosure was made

So you got yourself a Wandboard with enclosure and you are wondering how a mold is actually manufactured in order to make a simple plastic enclosure.

The pictures above show the process after the 3D files are created and the “actual work” starts where a design is turned from a computer screen to a real life 3D product manufacturing tool. The whole process took a bit over a month.

From Left to Right (Top row)

1.       calculating  moldflow for  the enclosure’s design
2.       first milling of the tool
3.       EDM parts (the other EDM: Electric discharge machining)
4.       EDM process

From Left to Right (Bottom row)

5.       After the EDM (bottom)
6.       After EDM (top)
7.       final tool
8.       Tool inside the injection molding machine (the parts that stick out are the ejector pins)