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Wandboard compatible carrierboards start to launch

We got our hands on a EDM1-FAIRY-START board from TechNexion and we checked it out with the Wandboard core module to make sure that you can exchange and create new carrierboards to extend and add new features to the Wandboard easily.

What we did.

1. Run Android Jellybean on the Wandboard
2. Power-off the Wandboard and remove the Wandboard core module
3. Assemble the Wandboard core module on the TechNexion EDM1-FAIRY
4. Apply power to the EDM1-FAIRY + Wandboard core module and boot the same software SD card

The TechNexion designed EDM1-FAIRY brings the following interfaces to the Wandboard when you exchange the carrierboard.

1. Multiple display options : TTL display, LVDS for panels or HDMI.
2. Touchscreen interface
3. PCIexpress with SIM card for a 3G module
4. Sensors ranging from lightsensor, compass and 3-axis movement sensor.
5. SATA (with data + power connectors)
6. Serial port (RS-232/RS-422/RS-485)
7. Multiple USB host ports
8. external backed up RTC + battery

As well all interfaces that you already have on the Wandboard are available

a. gigabit LAN
b. audio in/out/microphone + SPDIF
c. USB
e. SD cardslot

You can find the complete schematics AND gerber files of the EDM1-FAIRY on the TechNexion homepage.

We hear the board starts to ship to distributors next week and online buy options are available at the EDM1-FAIRY product page.