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Timesys Linuxlink support comes to the Wandboard

Timesys brings its award-winning, easy-to-use LinuxLink suite of embedded Linux development tools to the Wandboard community.

LinuxLink combines a free, intuitive web-based wizard that, when combined with the unique Advice Engine, helps simplify embedded Linux platform design decisions.  Professional developers can benefit from the optional locally-hosted LinuxLink PRO tools with Update Engine to help you stay abreast of board support package (BSP) updates, TimeStorm Eclipse-based Linux development tools and unmetered support from one of the most well-regarded embedded Linux companies in the industry.

Timesys also offers the only commercially supported hard-float enabled Linux BSP for i.MX6 development.  In addition, Timesys provides a wide range of embedded Linux and Android professional services and training in Linux and on all Wandboard platforms.

Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional embedded product developer, Timesys and LinuxLink have something that will greatly simplify your Linux Wandboard development experience.

MORE INFO : www.timesys.com