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Thermal and Power Consumption Test Results

With just one week to go before we start shipping Wandboard towards distributors and few weeks until people get their hands on the boards. We want to ensure ourselves that all is in place. The git server has to be setup next week. The Wandboard quickstart guide has to be checked and a million other items are on the to-do list.

We received many questions on the Wandboard power consumption and thermal requirements. Above you can see a setup with a Wandboard Dual with WiFi and a HDMI display inside a Wandboard enclosure.

The temperature was taken after 24 hours operation and with 31.4 degrees Celsius (89 degrees Fahrenheit) we are very satisfied given that the room temperature was aprox 20 degrees. (thermal delta of 12 degrees).

We took our linux code without any of the Freescale i.MX6 power savings enabled.

Wandboard Dual – Idle (see above setup)
Power consumption 0.23A * 5V = 1.15 Watt

Wandboard Dual – 100% utilization
Power consumption 0.32A * 5V = 1.6 Watt

At 100% full load the air temperature INSIDE the Wandboard enclosure is around 43 degrees Celsius. Without any added thermal heatsink and the CPU surface temperature is just above 50 degrees. This pretty much is similar to the results you find with a WiFi access point and it’s a temperature that many notebooks and desktops will be jealous of.