October 4-5 2014 - Wandboard at Maker Faire Rome

We are at the Maker Faire in Rome. Step by the Freescale booth and start making and sharing.

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September 24 2014 - Wandboard Octopus Cluster Interview

20140924-wandboard-octopus-clusterWorking on an interesting project that uses the Wandboard and want to share with the community about your experience or want others to join the project. Get in touch with us in the forums or by email.

This time we are talking with the Octopus Cluster project team at the Unversity of Frankfurt.

Tell us a bit about yourself/team

I am currently a PHD candidate at the University of Frankfurt (Germany). My supervisor is professor for computer science and chair of the department of high performance computer architectures also at the University of Frankfurt. Our group designs and builds supercomputers for different purposes, such as CERN experiments or scientific computing (e.g. at KACST in Saudi-Arabia). The last super computer which our group built was the SANAM cluster, which ranked second in the list of the most energy efficient supercomputers world wide.

What project are you currently working on?

My current research is related to operating systems for supercomputers. Besides that I am interested in energy efficiency of massively parallel computers. Therefore I started the Octopus Cluster project with a student who I am currently supervising. Octopus is a compute cluster, consisting of eight compute- and one head node, all together Wandboards. It can be used like most cluster computers -- programs use MPI to communicate between nodes and OpenCL to compute at nodes.

How did the Wandboard help you to kick-start your project?

The Wandboard is a powerful and yet very inexpensive computer. The ARM architecture is interesting for building an energy efficient computer. As I mentioned before, our Group is interested in energy efficiency. If you take a look at the project page, you will see that the Wandboard provides everything we needed at a very affordable price.

Why you picked the Wandboard and how does it fit in your project?

The Wandboard features a gigabit network adapter and a GPU which can run OpenCL programs. Most comparable device do not come with both.

The Wandboard is completely open source, is this important for your project?

Our group also builds hardware. Having schematics of a device like the Wandboard always helps.

What are your next steps and will you use the Wandboard in your final design?

We use the Wandboard to evaluate the ARM architecture for supercomputing. Currently we do not have a final design for a supercomputer which is ARM-based. However, the modular design makes parts of the Wandboard interesting to be included in a hypothetical system. For instance, the SoC module could be staked into a backplane which is more suitable for supercomputing than the current I/O-board is.

How can people that have a Wandboard join your project?

People who own more than two Wandboards might be interested in building their own cluster. In this case we can provide our software setup as image files. However, owning a Wandboard is not necessarily needed, because external users can get access to the Octopus cluster. Additionally, my supervisor is always looking for new PHD students. Therefore, if anyone who reads this has a master degree and is also interested to work with such technology, feel free to contact me.

If you have a new project. Will you use the Wandboard again?

It depends. From the technical perspective definitely, but the delivery time in Germany is between 6 weeks and two months.

Where can people get more information about your project and get in touch with you?

Staff page: https://compeng.uni-frankfurt.de/index.php?id=143&L=1

Octopus Cluster project page: https://compeng.uni-frankfurt.de/index.php?id=171

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August 18 2014 - Android KitKat for the Wandboard

Android KitKat support is now available for the Wandboard.

Runtime demo image: http://www.wandboard.org/images/downloads/android-4.4.2-wandboard-20140815.zip

Source code can be found at the following link: http://www.wandboard.org/images/downloads/wandboard_android-4.4.2_fullsource_20140815.tar.xz

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July 24 2014 - Wandboard is the demonstration board in the "Embedded Linux Development with Yocto Project" book

20140724-wandboard-yocto-bookThe Embedded Linux Development with Yocto Project.  
book has been released last week. The book is composed by 14 chapters which cover most important aspects of Yocto Project.

One good surprise is that the Wandboard has been chosen as the demonstration board by the authors, Otavio Salvador and Daiane Angolini. The last chapter covers all the steps required to setup, build and boot an Yocto Project-based image for the Wandboard Solo, Dual or Quad.

The book is available for purchase from several stores in paperback and eBook formats. You can find it using the ISBN 978-1783282333.

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July 2 2014 - Wandboard Soft-AP Camera Streaming Demo


E-CON Systems created a nice video that demonstrates Streaming Video over SoftAP from WandBoard with e-CAM51IMX6 - 5MP i.MX6 camera to windows 8, Android and iOS7.

Youtube link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPgFbEWgmHY

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June 18 2014 - Wandboard Cluster

The University of the Witwatersrand High Energy Physics (HEP) Group designed a cluster with a custom PCI-Express adapter carrierboard.

Enjoy the pictures and check out their amazing project.

For more information go to : http://wits-hep.blogspot.tw/2014/04/dual-wandboard-pci-express-connector.html

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June 9 2014 - Wandboard Sumo Robot

Wandboard robots are among us and joined a Sumo Robot competition.

For more information go to : http://embeddedexperience.blogspot.tw/2014/04/wandboard.html

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May 19 2014 - Wandboard REV. C1

Upon many requests in the forums. We are happy to announce that we start shipping Wandboard REV C1.

On the Wandboard System-on-Module:
Upgraded WiFi and Bluetooth module (BCM4329 to BCM4330). This brings Bluetooth 4.0 to the Wandboard
HDMI CEC pin routed
CAN Bus signals routed to the EDM connector
Add resistor R149 to autodetect REV C1.

Schematics WB-EDM-IMX6 REV. C1 (the Wandboard System-on-Module).

On the Wandboard Connector I/O board:
Ground isolated/updated on SGTL500 chipset
TTL brightness control pin routed to expansion header
Serial Port RTS/CTS signals routed to connector
Connector for 5V/GND to connect to HDD (SATA Power)

Schematics WAND REV. C1 (the Wandboard connector I/O board)

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April 9 2014 - FTF Wandboard/Wandcam in the techlab

We are at FTF (Freescale Technology Forum) in Dallas and our Wandboard friend John Weber is showing off his wandcam in the technology lab at the Avnet booth.

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April 8 2014 - FTF Wandboard running Java

We are at FTF (Freescale Technology Forum) in Dallas and our Wandboard can be found at the Oracle booth as one of the development boards for Java and IoT applications.

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Wandboard Specifications

  Wandboard Solo Wandboard Dual Wandboard Quad
 Processor Freescale i.MX6 Solo Freescale i.MX6 Duallite Freescale i.MX6 Quad
 Cores Cortex-A9 Single core Cortex-A9 Dual core Cortex-A9 Quad core
Vivante GC 880
+ Vivante GC 320
Vivante GC 880
+ Vivante GC 320
Vivante GC 2000
+ Vivante GC 355
+ Vivante GC 320
 Memory 512 MB DDR3 1GB DDR3 2GB DDR3
 Audio tag tag tag
tag tag tag
 HDMI tag tag tag
tag tag tag
 Micro-SD slot 2 2 2
 Serial port tag tag tag
tag tag tag
 USB tag tag tag
 USB OTG tag tag tag
 Gigabit LAN tag tag tag
 WiFi (802.11n)   tag tag
 Bluetooth   tag tag

79 USD

99 USD

129 USD

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